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Main-while Memorial Channel Television Network Services will soon be broadcasting on the internet, satellite television, smart phones, and on the tablet computers,including our already established live global dedicated social media network platform services of "Memorialtwint™" of 400 or less characters word,and our online merchandise market place,on its brand name.="Memorial Channel TV Super-Store" {click mt logo to visit and sign in and put up your tributes or fascinating news stories with videos or musics or photos.}

We seek the followings to partner or join with us in lieu of shares in this company of quality news and programme broadcasting channel.
(A) If you have any Television Station experiences or you have a TV broadcasting & production background experiences.

(B) If you are a Website designer and developer or

(c) If you like what you see and think about the good potential of this niche TV station and wanting to invest your money in us ,with a view of having a certain percentage shares holding in this company channel.


Please you are fully welcome to put your proposal to us. We are waiting for your e-mail . E-mail us now at

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